A blog begins…

Very soon, I shall go downstairs and open a bottle of dry white wine. But first, I need to welcome readers and friends to this “first edition”, not of my new blog because there was never an old one, not of my best blog because to be honest this is a slow process, but, at least, to the blog that has progressed this far.

What will you see here? I hope to blog about writing, mine and other people’s; about reading – how to do it, when and why to do it (these questions sound simple but actually they engender complex debate); about how child readers become adult readers; about translated writing and new writing and classics. Those are areas I know something about.

To cater for other fields, I hope there will be guest posts from friends and colleagues, some already much loved and familiar, some I’ve yet to meet. I intend to post reviews, I hope to host discussions and debates. With luck some of the reviews will be by other people. With luck there will be many and varied viewpoints.

I look forward to meeting you on these pages, and now – it’s time to open that bottle!

Cheers. And ciao.


© Jessica Norrie 2016

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