The Infinity Pool by Jessica Norrie

Joanne of the PortobelloBookBlog has done me proud here with a lovely review. Thank you so much Joanne, and I’m so pleased you enjoyed it.

Portobello Book Blog


Jessica Norrie wrote a really interesting guest post back in January about the process of seeing her book go from print to an audiobook. You can read this guest post here. At the time she kindly offered me a copy of the book and finally I have got around to reading it!

The Infinity Pool begins with Adrian, director of the Serendipity holiday community, lying badly injured by the side of the pool reflecting that he hadn’t expected to die that day. Rewind one year to 2010 and we meet Adrian, his staff and his guests at Serendipity. Serendipity is one of those places you go to ‘find yourself’ and the guests take part in classes such as writing, painting, and meditation. Part two of the book returns to 2011 where we find the staff trying to cope with Adrian’s mysterious disappearance. Many of the guests are also missing the popular community…

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