Can’t be bloggered

It’s not much of a post this week. I seem to have exhausted the topics of being unable to write (three weeks ago) and unable to read (last week) and so this week I have nothing to say. That’s never strictly true, but for one of the posts I want to write I have a book and a half still to read, and for the other I have first to go to Hay Festival and report back. This isn’t a planned blog – in the revolting phrase used by some writers I’m a “pantser” – I just write about whatever occurs to me a few days before I’ve decided a post is due. Sometimes it comes easily; at others I can’t help feeling I’m exhausting your patience and mine, gentle readers. It’s not as if anyone’s commissioned me to blog.

I’m toying with reducing my posts, maybe fortnightly not weekly here and continuing once a month for Sally over at Smorgasbord if she’ll still have me. Novel 3 fell by the wayside at 20,000 words, but Novel 4 has just pulled out of the station and is chugging along nicely. Writing that out loud is a hostage to fortune and certainly didn’t work for Novel 3, but I suspect if my concentration wasn’t broken every week for a day or so by the self imposed need to blog, alert people to the blog, facebook the blog, tweet the blog, check the blog, and weep over the blog statistics (although it’s always a pleasure to answer comments), Novel 4 may have a better chance of coherence and completion.

And it’s summer. I shall be spending time in my garden along with my flowers, many starlings and, I hope, some bees. I do hope you get some fresh air too. Back soonish. x


©Jessica Norrie 2018


24 thoughts on “Can’t be bloggered

  1. I agree with those of your “Gentle readers” above. Enjoy your lovely sensibly size garden. And come back and address your ” Cher lecteurs” when you can jolly well be bothered again.

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  2. I know the feeling all too well. I’ve been blogging weekly for quite a while on other sites, and on my website for about a decade. (I switched to WordPress about a year ago). Most of the time the topics come easily, but other times, not so much. I tell myself now and then that I’m going to cut down to biweekly posts, but so far the ideas and thoughts are still coming. Still, when it happens, I’ll be fine with it…I think. 🙂

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    1. Yes it’s ironic – I enjoy writing and finding illustrations,and think I’d hate to give it up entirely but have just become aware of how much time it’s taking up that could theoretically be spent on something that actually earnt some money. But I dare say you’ll see me here next week – thanks for the follow!

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  3. It seems a nerve has been struck, exposing some bitter truths. I have been giving this matter a lot of thought and come up with a new mantra. (actually, it’s the one you hear on all those gambling adverts)
    When it stops being fun, STOP!

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  4. Yes, the blogging can take over… I find every week quite IMPOSSIBLE, even every 2 weeks. So decided to do it as and when, and hope no one exits in disgust. You probably need a good break – enjoy the novel and the garden!

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