A good deal of author news!

It’s funny how the sense of myself as a “real” writer comes and goes. The smallest thing can puncture my self-belief. But this has been an excellent week and I can hold my head high. When I looked up my ALCS payments they were much improved following a dip last season; my agent said Novel 3 is ready to pitch to publishers; and the French translation of The Infinity Pool appears almost ready to publish after a hiatus in which the translator quite reasonably got on with earning her living. In more good news, after many nominations by my agent, The Magic Carpet ebook has been selected for a UK Kindle Monthly Deal. Please tell your friends that from today for a whole month they can fly my magic carpet for 99p. Especially tell the parents, grandparents, child care workers, city dwellers and teachers – it’s uncanny that I wrote about urban families struggling and interacting as they cope with a home/school project and now here so many of you are homeschooling!

Magic carpet ecover[880].jpg
99p for the ebook for a month!
In an aside for fellow writers, it was selection for this sort of deal that pushed The Infinity Pool up the charts back in 2015. I think Amazon also advertise them, whereas normally we indie authors are left to sink or swim, so I’m hoping for better visibility, more reviews and improved sales. Being in a deal may also mean it’s price matched globally – worldwide friends, it may be only 99¢ or a very small amount of whatever your local currency is. (Please let me know – if I look at non UK sites I don’t necessarily see the correct data.)

To anyone still wondering whether they’ll get good value for their 99p, another affirming thing to happen this week was a BRILLIANT new review from bookblogger Felicity Grace Terry at Pen and Paper. I’m quoting it at length, not to omit too much of her enthusiasm. But do visit her blog for a refreshing style and good recommendations and not least to pay homage to a bookblogger who’s been at it more than 10 years! And please do comment when you get there – I know so well how much bloggers appreciate comments.

{OOH! A story about the telling of stories. For us bibliophiles things don’t get much better than this, right?}

…I just don’t know where to begin sharing all of the aspects that made it such a joy to read .

…Hats off to the author for giving us such a memorable and authentic cast of characters. That she gave them all (both as individuals and family units) such a unique (and thankfully stereotype and cliche free) voice; that each relationship (indeed every event) was written with such depth, it wasn’t long before I came to invest in them (and) they became as friends and neighbours…

Insightful, heart warming and thought provoking…

Not just well researched but heartfelt; the author’s knowledge and love of teaching young children apparent. That the novel explores just how the issues adults seek to keep from children believing they are shielding them can have a profound effect is just one of the many, many things that, characters and plot in general aside, made The Magic Carpet such an engaging and, yes, important read for me.

SUMMED UP IN A SENTENCE … The utterly engrossing story of a society trying to assimilate different cultures, backgrounds and faiths peopled by characters you cannot help but invest in, The Magic Carpet is every bit a story of our times.

Enormous thanks to Felicity, and thank YOU for your attention. Please do spread the news and I’ll report back later whether there’s still gold in them there deals the way there was last time. Meanwhile stay safe, all of you. And that’s as near as I’ll go to mentioning l*ckd*wn.

MC Pb cover jpeg - Copy

©Jessica Norrie 2020

18 thoughts on “A good deal of author news!

  1. A wonderful review, Jessica. It is tough, at the moment, to compete with all the freebies Amazon is giving out, especially in the US market. There is also the loss of household income resulting from Covid-19 to deal with and people not spending money on books. It seems writing is never an easy career and it is getting harder, not easier. I am glad to know you are holding your own.

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      1. Thank you again Darlene. Amazon moves in mysterious ways… I didn’t really expect this book to sell in the US as it’s very London based, although you certainly have schools and diverse cities so why not? And readers anywhere are very very welcome. Stay well.

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      2. North Americans love books set in England!! It is also a huge market. There is much more diversity in NA too as our countries have been built by immigrants from all over the world. I could see teachers using this book in the classroom. I´ll keep an eye on Amazon.com and .ca for you.

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      3. Thank you – yes, as an ex teacher and trainer I have friends in teacher training institutions who have tried to put it on reading lists for their students. The problem is here the training programmes are much more rigid than they used to be and there is only room for scientific and academic published research and fiction, however relevant and well informed, is frowned on as “soft data” – or the poor students just don’t have time! Also i guess schools may look very different when we emerge form the current crisis (not necessarily a bad thing). However if you have teacher or child care friends or students do pass on the word! Thank you so many times for your interest!

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      1. There is an economics rule I believe whereby “men rise to the level of their own incompetence” but women don’t think they’re good enough to apply for promotion even when they could do the job with their eyes shut.


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