KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAI’m the author of two novels, The Infinity Pool, published in July 2015, and The Magic Carpet. I’m also an ex-teacher, a text book author and a translator, and mother of two very human adults. This blog is for jottings and ideas related to fiction I’m working on. It will consider the work of others too, along with wider reading, writing and language related themes.

My first novel was inspired by quirks and details I noticed on holiday, but I’m a Londoner and the city pushes in everywhere, so my short stories are more urban. Some will be polished and published here, but – keeping to the urban theme – some lines are delayed at present due to operational delays, and one has been extended but isn’t open yet (Transport for London – the first network with a magic carpet).

(You could pass the time while you’re waiting by jumping into The Infinity Pool here.)

September 2018 update: I had a long summer break, and will be blogging again very soon. Meanwhile, thirty months in, there are also several posts about teaching reading and writing to all ages and abilities. That’s how I earned a living for thirty plus years, and I do think that what happens in childhood is what shapes – or impedes – the writing people do when they’re adults. Then there are the posts about leaving teaching – so long, folks, it was (mostly) great but I’m now a writer. Der Infinity-Pool is now out in German, The Magic Carpet is flying around the editors’ desks in search of a publisher, and my third novel is under way – under wraps.

On this blog, you’ll find some reviews, of books and bookshops, a murder mystery, and a handful of the promised short stories, including one to celebrate my second blogiversary. Some travel writing has found its way on board, and I’ve posts on feminist writing and my heartfelt wish to remain in EuropeChristmas featured, along with World Book Day and one Easter I set you a quiz. But the general theme remains writing, writing, writing, planning my writing, writing courses, my characters and the double edged swords of genre and editing. All you the audience need do is click the links, read, comment, follow and enjoy! Or criticise, if you wish. Thank you so much for your attention.

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You can email me on jessica@jessicanorrie.com

You can buy The Infinity Pool here and Der Infinity-Pool here.

You can buy my Primary French textbook, Célébrons les Fêtes here.

Or simply comment on one of my blog posts!

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